Do I help in any way when I donate my used clothes?

Whether you give your clothes to a charity organisation or to a commercial collector, you definitely support an important goal:      - environmental protection.
More than 700,000 tonnes of used clothing accumulate in Germany alone every year. From an ecological point of view, it is absolutely necessary to recycle textiles in a sensible way, thus helping to immensely reduce landfill waste. Furthermore, the need for textiles is continuously increasing.

Today, 19 million tonnes of cotton are grown worldwide every year, on a cultivation area of 340,000 square kilometres; approximately 50% of the world consumption of pesticides are used for this. The preparation of one kilogram of cotton fabric requires 15 - 20 kilowatt hours of energy and 100 litres of water. If we want to preserve the earth and an intact nature for our children, it is essential to recycle our used clothing, for whichever purpose possible.

Does anybody make a profit with the used clothes?

There is an increasing trend to allocate waste collection costs to the producer or consumer, which however is not the case in textile recycling. Our sector, which mainly consists of small businesses, uses the proceeds from the second-hand clothing sales to fund the high technical standards and the expensive textile recycling. The used clothes need to be transported, sorted, stored and transported again, remaining waste must be disposed of, which also costs money. The 700,000 tonnes per year in Germany alone requires large sums. Without the work of the European textile recyclers, these textiles would have to be disposed of as household waste, which would have an impact on the public budget of approx. € 500 per tonne. Textile recycling is the business of the sorting facilities, and of course they must make a profit, in order to pay for the high expenses and the created jobs.
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